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Toileting Aids
Many people who have difficulty wiping with toilet paper are regaining or retaining their independence and dignity with a Solution ComfortSeat® toileting aid. Arthritis, obesity, neurological disorders, neuromuscular disorders, immune deficiencies, injuries, osteoporsis, joint pain, muscle pain, hemmorrhoids and many other common problems can make toileting painful, difficult or impossible... Solution ComfortSeat® owners have told us how their Solution ComfortSeat® unit has made their lives better by allowing them to toilet themselves, and not rely on a caregiver or being forced into a nursing home.

Solution ComfortSeat® Customer Testimonials:

"I have been using this product for approximately 2 years. There are many kudos I could bestow on the Solution ComfortSeat®, for it's many features add such simple, hygienic, and civilized comfort to going to the toilet."

"Once a person has one, there really is no going back. When I'm away from the house, I lament that all public restrooms do not use them. With humor yet complete honesty, I invite friends to visit should they want to try is out. It is my opinion that as the world advances, everyone will own one and every public restroom will provide equal hygiene care."

"All of the features of my model are well utilized, from the warmth of the seat- ah, such relief on cold days or night, to the adjustable aim of the water jet, as well as the control over the force and temperature of the water. All add to such a simple control and overall comfort. Any guess why the makers came up with that name?"

"I am grateful for the product everyday."

- Terry S., Ph.D (Los Angeles, CA)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

"My Ultimate Solution (Comfort)Seat® was sent to me the end of March '06. I paid for it entirely. Received no help from my insurance. And I have never had one day since that I was not thrilled with product. It has changed my life. Due to surgery when I was just 38 years old, I have had a colon problem. It wasn't till I was 60 years old that I found your company. I will be 63 in 2 months and can not tell you how much I love your product. It has been such a pleasure to own."

"Unless you are someone with disabilities, you do not know the value of your product. The only big problem is when we travel............... I miss my own bathroom. I have been so spoiled. I have had 2 back surgeries, a neck surgery which left me with a plate and 5 screws. I have had both my hands operated on and several fingers. I am full of arthritis. I can go on and on with all the surgery I have had, but you get the picture. I could never be without that seat, ever. I would not eat for as long as it would take, just to buy another. You have a good product. I have had no problems... I never did understand why the insurance would not even help with the cost. I feel I could never live without it."

- Mary (Pennsylvania)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

"As a psychiatrist working with the elderly, I became interested in the Solution ComfortSeat® after years of watching my patients suffering from loss of independence, dignity, and privacy. I felt helpless when my patients told me of their inabilities when it came to toileting, which they told me to be causing them great emotional pain."

"For years, the only answer was depending on a caregiver to wipe for them. Knowing that was what my patients feared most, I started talking to many of my colleagues. Eventually one of them shared with me news of the revolutionary Solution ComfortSeat®. I received a unit, hoping that this might be the life-changing product that patients needed. The results were amazing! It was empowering to those who previously had to have assistance wiping, the ability to wash and dry themselves at the push of a button. We had another unit put in for some of the obese patients, and we met with equally thrilled patients. With their independence back, and their dignity intact, I felt equally empowered for finding a solution for my patients. I realized that the (Solution) ComfortSeat® helps not only seniors, but also anyone who has difficulty wiping."

"It costs patients and care facilities more than just thousands-of-dollars per week, when patients lose toileting independence... It costs ones dignity, inclination to socialize, and ability to avoid discomfort. The Solution ComfortSeat® has already improved many people's lives for a fraction of that cost, and made facilities provide exceptional toileting care more easily. Now, when anyone has issues with their ability to clean themselves after using the bathroom, the Solution ComfortSeat® is what I prescribe."

- Dr. Ronald G. Rubin MD FABPN / PASARR Examiner
& Chief of Psychiatry for Geriatric Behavioral Healthcare Group

Satisfaction Guaranteed

"I am a medical doctor working for hospice. My husband has ALS -- for 7 years -- and is now paralyzed from the neck down. We have used the Comfort Seat for 4 years now, and it has been a Godsend -- especially given the fact that my husband retains all his mental facilities and is a very modest person. The Comfort Seat spares him the indignity of having to be wiped; and also has helped maintain his skin integrity through this devastating disease. It also has saved me and his other caregivers from an unpleasant task."

"I have suggested to my supervisor that we put Comfort Seats in our Hospice Houses; and I think they would be a great addition for many long-term care facilities. For one thing, just the decreased staff time needed would pay the cost of the (seat); and the experience of toileting is much more gentle, dignified, and sanitary for the person in need. Thank you so much for this great innovation!"

- Kathryn L. Price, M.D. (Sarasota, FL)

Award Winning Toileting Aid

"We are writing to express our extreme satisfaction with your Bariatric EZ Warm Wash Solution ComfortSeat®. Although this letter is appreciation is long overdue, each and every day we thank you for your system and how it has greatly enhanced our lives."

"Since my husband is wheelchair bound, time was that he needed assistance with toileting. With your EZ Warm Wash Solution ComfortSeat®, he has regained his independence and his quality of life.

"The sturdy, well designed seat is durable, even with those who have weight issues. I must admit, we both were a bit skeptical when we ordered this unit. But it was the only one on the market. The unit has worked perfectly since we installed in four month ago an truly, we couldn't be more pleased."

"It is my husband's hope that you will make the Veteran's Administration aware of your products as, in addition to enhancing dignity to its disable military members, it will be of great savings in eliminating the need for caregiver assistance."

"From the time we ordered this unit, and following, you and your dedicated staff have been with us every step of the way. We are sending heartfelt appreciation for this wonderful system you have developed and especially for how it has enhanced our lives."

-P.M. & D.M (Oak Harbor, WA)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

"Thank you so very much for introducing me to your Solution ComfortSeat®.

I have Myositis from exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam, the condition is in the family of L.S. with loss of muscle mass, increasing weakness in arms and lags as the most obvious signs, which translates into loss of privacy and independence with personal hygiene.

I have been introduced to many Assistive Technology ideas, and I insist up going on record as saying the Solution ComfortSeat® ranks with the electric wheelchair, maybe better, the use of this equipment has been rewarding and satisfying."

- John L.S. (Tennessee)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

"My wife has Parkinson's Disease and some tasks are difficult. Cleaning up after a bowel movement is much easier for her now. She is able to take care of herself with the washer & dryer... We plan to take the unit with us when we go on extended vacations."

- U.H.L. (Bedford, TX)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

"Due to having Multiple Sclerosis I am no longer able to use my right arm and hand. It (Custom Solution) is a wonderful piece of equipment and I have come to rely on it very much."

- K.J.K. (Harwich, MA)

All Natural Bidet Seats

"At the time he (my husband) was a cancer victim and during the long two years that followed the diagnosis, he came to a point where he said that 'this was worth every penny of the cost...' He was absolutely ecstatic with it. It was such a blessing for him to use at that time. Thank you for your help today, and please let the powers that be know how important my (Solution) ComfortSeat® ended up being."

- L.S. (Jupiter, FL)

Home Health Care Healthy

"So simple yet so effective! The price was just right. I just love my (EZ Wash Pro) (ComfortSeat®) the most!"

- N.S. (Huntington Beach, CA)

Home Health Care Healthy

"(My Husband) has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease). Has very little use of his arms and hands. The Custom Solution (ComfortSeat®) gives him privacy and will be very useful for me when I have to help him. He and I have been married 49 years and of all the things I have bought him, he cherishes his Custom Solution (ComfortSeat®) the most."

- L.D. (Las Vegas, NV)

Home Health Care Healthy

"Around the world, people use modern bidets to maintain their personal hygiene. In the U.S., it's hard to find high quality toileting aids. The Ultimate Solution (ComfortSeat®) is the highest quality unit with the features I want that I have found anywhere. ...there simply is no comparison! Thank you very much for such a wonderful product."

- Y.N.S. (Highland Park, IL)

Child Care Senior Elderly

"Excellent hygiene and skin care aid; especially for one who is seated in a wheelchair."

- C.H. (Enumclaw, WA)

Need Help Wiping Toilet Paper Assistance

"Having suffered a stroke, I have no use of my right arm. Sitting up is difficult, and many tasks are impossible. My EZ Warm Wash (Solution ComfortSeat®) is installed on the left side of my commode and the large seat supports me well. Istead [sic] of waiting for a caretaker to come along... I can press the 'Wash' button to clean myself. This product has saved me so much time and dignity. It is my hope that every person who needs one could have one."

- Adéle S. (Markham, Ontario - Canada)

Handicapped Accesible Bathroom

"My husband, two of my children, and myself are dwarves. Our short limbs, and my husband's degenerative joint disease, make wiping a difficult task. It's tough to talk about, but we all knew we needed help. The "sponge on a stick" and "bottom buddy" just weren't acceptable alternatives for my family. We needed something that actually WORKED. We saw a demonstration of your product (Ultimate Solution ComfortSeat®) at a local LPA (Little People of America) gathering. This was the answer we were looking for. Now, we just have to press a button to wash ourselves clean, and there's no more embarrasment... Thank you very much."

- S.R. & Family (Huntington Beach, CA)

Handicapped Accesible Bathroom

"It has enhanced my daily living. Very convenient. Makes a big difference in independence... I would highly recommend it."

- A.J.C. (Raleigh, NC)

Constipation Hemorrhoids Cure

"Your product relieved me of a great source of stress. I am now able to predict and control bowel movements. Thank you for supplying this product."

- L.R. (Hamilton, MA)

Instant Relief Comfort

"I am a happy and proud user of a Solution ComfortSeat®. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have little use of my hands. I was fast losing my ability to care for my personal hygiene. The Solution ComfortSeat® solves that problem. "

"My late husband was a paraplegic for 21 years. How wonderful it would have been to have had the Solution ComfortSeat® available then."

"Now, hopefully I will never burden my caregivers, as the Solution ComfortSeat® does a great job and allows me to care for myself. Also - Thanks for the letter opener. It made an impossible job possible. Little things help so much!"

- Michalene R.D. (Tennessee)

Instant Relief Comfort

"A lifetime of wear and tear on my hands and wrist during my service and from boxing have made it a b---- to do simple tasks that I used to take for granted. There are a whole assortment of assistive widgets that help make life easier, but who knew there was something that helped with toileting? I saw the ad in Arthritis Today and thought it was a gag! I'm glad I called, and how. My (EZ) Wash Pro (ComfortSeat®) saved my life, because I'd rather die than have someone wipe my bottom!"

- Retired Chief Master Sergeant Robert T.F. (Los Angeles, CA)

Instant Relief Comfort

"I purchased a Solution ComfortSeat® in March 2004. I have MD (Muscular Dystrophy) and am unable to do the many things others can do naturally. The (Solution) ComfortSeat® has been a great asset to my way of living. It leaves me with a feeling of independence and dignity. I am able to maintain excellent hygiene with this seat."

"If this item and others were not available to people like myself, we would not be able to remain in our homes. This seat eliminates the caregiver's job of cleaning me and this makes me feel better and not so self-conscious."

"I would recommend this seat to others who have some of the same problems."

- R.J.N. (Silverlake, IN)

Instant Relief Comfort

"...I bought the SCS-105 ComfortSeat® EZ Wash a year ago, and I am very very satisfied with the unit."

"I highly recommend the the (EZ) Wash to every one, specially to the obese and the elderly. It has been the best investment I have made in my life."

- D.G. (San Diego, CA)

Instant Relief Comfort

"I can't even begin to explain what a blessing and how wonderful and useful this machine (Ultimate Solution ComfortSeat®) has been to my mother, who is handicapped. She has osteoporosis, arthritis, she can't move because she's always in pain, has diabetes and is overweight. She's 76 years old and receives care however when she's alone and needs to use the bathroom or have a bowel movement, the Ultimate (ComfortSeat®) has truly been a blessing and the family has been at ease because all she has to do is push a button and she's clean!!! This Ultimate (ComfortSeat®) has prevented me from having to find someone in the building she lives in at the times she needed help cleaning herself. Again, thank you for this wonderful machine that to date has worked miracles!"

- S.R. for E.R. (Chicago, IL)

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